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Here in this article, we are going to list more than 5000 free WhatsApp group links from India, Pakistan, USA, Canada, and other countries. There are millions of groups available on WhatsApp under different headings and WhatsApp group links have become the most popular among all WhatsApp users.

WhatsApp is the world’s number 1 messaging app for calling and chatting and WhatsApp groups are increasing in our daily lives. People are interested to join WhatsApp groups for entertainment, education, group discussion, or other purposes.

If you want to join any type of WhatsApp group, then check the group invite link given below.

Here in this article, we will share 5000+ free WhatsApp group links from different categories like gaming, social media, entertainment, gaming, dating etc.

Joining a WhatsApp group has become very easy with the latest WhatsApp Group Invite Link feature. Now group admin can create a unique invitation link and user can easily join groups with one click without admin permission.

How to Join WhatsApp Group?

  1. Any WhatsApp group, select from the list below.
  2. Now click on the Join button.
  3. Done! You are now part of a special WhatsApp group.

Due to the high demand, groups fill up with members very quickly. But don’t worry, in this article we try to provide only active group links.

Group Name Group Categories Group Invite Link
Best Friend Forever Friendship ✔ Join Group ☚
Beautiful Girls Friendship ✔ Join Group ☚
Memes Funny ✔ Join Group ☚
Funny Images Funny ✔ Join Group ☚
Love Group Love ✔ Join Group ☚
Bollywood News News ✔ Join Group ☚
Hindi News News ✔ Join Group ☚
IPL 2021 Sports ✔ Join Group ☚
Indian Sports Sports ✔ Join Group ☚
Sports News News ✔ Join Group ☚
PUBG Tournament Gaming ✔ Join Group ☚
Digital World Tech ✔ Join Group ☚
YouTube Sub4Sub Social ✔ Join Group ☚
YT Watch Time Social ✔ Join Group ☚
YouTube Likes Social ✔ Join Group ☚
YouTube 1K Subscribers Social ✔ Join Group ☚
TikTok Videos Social ✔ Join Group ☚
TikTok India Social ✔ Join Group ☚
Malayalam Group Indian ✔ Join Group ☚
Ludo King Earn Money Gaming ✔ Join Group ☚
Daily Ludo battles Gaming ✔ Join Group ☚
Movie Zone Entertainment ✔ Join Group ☚
Cinemas Entertainment ✔ Join Group ☚
WhatsApp Status Video Social ✔ Join Group ☚
Online Earning Earning ✔ Join Group ☚
Paytm Earning Earning ✔ Join Group ☚
Digital Marketing Earning ✔ Join Group ☚
Share Market Group Earning ✔ Join Group ☚
SEO Learning & Tips Blogging ✔ Join Group ☚
Social Media Experts Digital Marketing ✔ Join Group ☚
USA WhatsApp Groups Social ✔ Join Group ☚
G-pay Group Earning ✔ Join Group ☚
Android Tricks Tech ✔ Join Group ☚
Cricket Fans Sports ✔ Join Group ☚


If you’re uncomfortable with group messaging and want to leave, it’s as easy as joining a group. To leave a WhatsApp group, just follow the steps below.

  • Open group on WhatsApp.
  • Click on group name and scroll down.
  • Finally, you will see the”Exit Group” option.
  • Now click on this option and confirm.


So that’s what people do today. We hope you found this article useful and have added your favorite group to the list above. If in doubt, share your thoughts with us.

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